Linux operating system

Doggie Cam

Time to time, I have come home to find my dog, Sasha wrapped around a tree. And not very happy about it. I had an extra Raspberry Pi (tiny, cheap, Linux computer) and an old webcam. I was able to cobble the thing into a working doggie-cam that takes a picture every minute and sends it up to a webpage, which I can check on my phone.

Picture coming

Linux Term Sever

Linux in the classroom


Schools spend tremendous amounts of money on computer hardware and
software as well as the electricity, training, infrastructure and
tech support to keep it running. This includes hidden costs such as
maintaining accurate software inventories in the event of an audit by
the software association. In my opinion it is overkill to have a
full blown computer with an individual operating system sitting on
every desk when there is an inexpensive, reliable and free
alternative available.

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