Dirt Road Diaries

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I grew up in the South Bronx and have lived out of the city ever since graduate school. But I grew up on 2 sides of Crotona Park We spent a lot of time there, growing up. Sledding, fighting, wandering playing handball and just hanging out.

Now I live in Pine Bush on Ravine Lane. I have pictures of my children outside on the road. Both of them are now grown, but I love these pictures of them fully plugged in, wet and hope all children get to experience the real world as I have and they did. In this time of screens. Sometimes these days I see friends of our neighbors children stomping thru the ravine outside my door. A hopefull sign.

There is a syndrome that has been written about lately called "nature deficit disorder". We all are victims to some degree. I was blessed with having a good local park to spend time in. I am really happy that my children had the chance to go outside, wander in the woods and be in the world (and still be safe.. no wolves to eat them.. )