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I have built various sites ranging from the first Goshen School District website to my Music School, 2 bands, this site, a defunct e-commerce site, and a Feldenkrais site. Technologies have ranged from hand coding and custom Perl to Drupal, Moodle, CMS Made Simple and OpenSis. Drupal is my current favourite.

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Rail Jig

Rail Jig

Here is a simple method I have used to space deck balusters quickly and evenly for decks with regular post spacing. It is based on an old hand drafting trick I learned in high school many years ago.

Draw a centerline down the length of a 1x2 about 6” longer than the space between 2 posts.. Starting from the left, stick a finish nail about 2” from one end. The next one 4 1/2” from the first, the 2nd and all the rest 6” along the line. Draw an X on the right side of each nail. You're done.

To use it fit the stick between 2 posts so that the first and last nail jam. The jig should fit at an angle. Clamp the low end. Place (cover the x's), plumb and fasten the balusters.. For turned balusters you can carry the nail mark up to the top rail with a level or square.

Der Yiddisher Carpenter

Yiddish Farm Greenhouse

Folks are somtimes surprised when they see me with a toolbelt. Another cultural preudice. Where else have I seen a Jewish Carpenter? I've spent most of my adult life building things, or teaching other folks how to build things. At 59, I still spend a good deal of my time building things and fixing things.

I got my start as an estranged teen at Bronx High School of Science, which I was admitted to after failing the entrance exam because of the fact that I was living in a poor Bronx neighboorhood. My 2 favorite classes there were gym and shop, strangly called "Science Techniques Laboratory".

I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some of the folks I learned my trade from.

Tayere Malke תערע מאלכע

Tayere Malke

An old Yiddish Song

Dear Malke, may you be well! Fill up the goblet, the goblet with wine. From this goblet, which gleams so prettily, my grandfather would drink--my grandfather himself!

There have been bad times, as sometimes happen, but I held on to the goblet with iron and steel. It would amuse all the children, as you know. From my father the goblet passed to me.

Dear Malke, may you be well! For whom shall I drink this wine? I drink for the little spark of Jewishness that struggles and never tires. I want to drink for those who departed. I drink for my enemies, but don't reveal it. Look, tears are spurting from the goblet.

Sing louder and louder: G-d. You are great! Malke, put away the goblet. The song is ended.

The House Project, Electric

Electric Panel

This was the first time I wired a whole house. And I do mean whole, from the electric pole to the outlets, phone, computer and cable.

Dirt Road Diaries

mud j

I grew up in the South Bronx and have lived out of the city ever since graduate school. But I grew up on 2 sides of Crotona Park We spent a lot of time there, growing up. Sledding, fighting, wandering playing handball and just hanging out.

Now I live in Pine Bush on Ravine Lane. I have pictures of my children outside on the road. Both of them are now grown, but I love these pictures of them fully plugged in, wet and hope all children get to experience the real world as I have and they did. In this time of screens. Sometimes these days I see friends of our neighbors children stomping thru the ravine outside my door. A hopefull sign.


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